Students of NRNU MEPhI are forced to census 2010

    On October 14–25, 2010, a population census will be held in Russia. Students of MEPhI 4th ​​and 5th year are forced to participate in it. In response to the failure of one of the students to participate in this event (in the first place due to the complete lack of desire to go from door to door and "rewrite" the people, and secondly because of the work) Deputy Dean replied:

    "Information for $ student_name.

    The participation of students in the census is determined by order of the rector No. 134 dated 04/14/2010 . According to the Charter, all students must follow the orders of the rector. The fact that they are familiar with the Charter and undertake to comply with it, students signed on admission to the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

    $ student_name is a full-time student. Students are exempted from classes during the census. When applying for a job, he had to get permission from the dean’s office. As far as I know, he did not receive such permission. ”

    Question: How legitimate is this coercion, and does it not contradict any laws?

    UPD . I never went to the census. Those who went very much later regretted it. According to them, more inadequate people than in United Russia are hard to find.

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