Kaspersky vs. DDoS

    It has long been no secret to anyone that a DDoS attack is the most disgusting thing that can happen to a service.
    There are several solutions, but with a good organization of the attack and poor financing, it will not be easy to cope. And then come to the rescue Kaspersky Lab with the new Kaspersky DDoS Prevention service.

    After reading in more detail what Kaspersky Lab offers, he noted several positive points.
    1. The service can be used both in advance and after the attack has already begun.
    2. As I understand it, in order to use the service, it is enough to fill out a questionnaire.
    When filling out a questionnaire, you need an understanding of the basics of DNS.
    3. Analysts at Kaspersky Lab will help you prepare the package of documents necessary for contacting law enforcement agencies to punish dodosers.

    There are some obscure points, for example, how can I register an IP for a site that is hosted by the provider and accordingly has several IP addresses.

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