An alternative method of working at a computer

    Most of us spend an incredible amount of time in a sitting position in front of the monitor. An alternative method, which I will describe, involves not sitting, but standing at the computer.

    On the screen is a really fantastic chair, we can do without it.

    So, what is needed:

    1. Make two stands
    2. Get straight, straighten your back
    3. Place the monitor at eye level
    4. Bend your arms at a right angle, and at this level place the keyboard and mouse
    5. Continue work

    Everyone can decide for himself Is it worth it to experiment or stay in the chair.
    All the pros and cons of this approach are described below.

    So, having decided on an experiment, you can:

    Overcome laziness

    Sitting at a computer, it is often necessary to get up, help with household chores, etc. But I don’t want to get up, and you put off until the last.

    Conclusion: working while standing, you can just step back and do everything quickly, and don’t even forget that the kettle is already boiling.

    Correct posture

    No matter how many rules were written about the correct fit, in the best case, they are executed only the first 2-3 days. In a sitting position, a person is relaxed and he wants to fall apart in an armchair. Over time, laziness will triumph, no matter how you resist.

    Conclusion: while standing up, you unconsciously try to keep your posture, which is very favorable for the back.

    Take breaks

    A huge number of programs have been written that limit work at the computer and force you to take forced breaks. How many times did he set these for himself, in a couple of days he deleted permanently.

    Conclusion: working standing, you can work only for a certain time, then your legs get tired, and there is a natural need to move away from the computer, sit for 10-15 minutes to relax.

    Of the minuses:

    Minus number 1. At first unusual. The body demands to return to the chair, and it obviously does not want changes. So it was with me when they told me about this method. At first, I laughed and continued to sit, until one fine day my back became very ill.

    Minus number 2. For the office, this option certainly will not work, colleagues will be at least in shock. But freelancers and people who even after work sit down at the computer, I advise you to look at this method of work.

    Minus number 3. Legs can get very tired, and if you still need to work long and hard on the project and the deadlines are tight, you must provide for a quick transition back to a sitting position.

    Warning. You can not stand for a long time, leaning on only one leg, otherwise you can hurt your back.

    I myself am a freelancer, and have been working like this for about a year now. By turning on the music, you can move to the beat with it, and focus all your thoughts on work. So partially compensated sedentary lifestyle.

    Do not forget about sports and outdoor activities.
    I wish you all good health!

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