Seesmic Look - New Cool Twitter Client

    The well-known company Seesmic , which makes the popular Twitter client of the same name, has released Look - a client for the simplest users, which has a beautiful, rich interface that is unlike any existing client at the moment. In addition to the usual Twitter functions, Look contains links to channels, trends and various interests, so for an unprepared user it is enough to click on groups and read the news feed about what is interesting to him.


    I am convinced that many will consider the level of “prettiness” to be overwhelming. But it tastes like someone. As observers noted, the Seesmic Look and its Playback Mode feature are ideal for displaying pictures on TV.

    Seesmic Look with its beauties is only available on Windows and uses the full potential of Windows 7. Downloadfrom here .

    via TechCrunch

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