Anti-virus on the server - to be or not to be?

    Recently, representatives of the IT industry puzzled me, categorically and without reservations, saying the following: there should be no antiviruses on the servers, we allow you to put them there only because you, the security people, do not have the necessary qualifications to create a clean ecosystem.

    At the same time, the opponent was explained that everything was only for:
    • assessment of the impact of antivirus on the speed and performance of critical systems and the development of optimal protection schemes;
    • the use of various techniques to reduce risks, since the antivirus is not the ultimate truth;
    • full and unbiased analysis of the situation;
    • conducting constructive dialogs with administrators, identifying needs and identifying problems.

    It should be noted that we are talking about servers with operating systems from 2000 Server and higher.

    For a better understanding of the essence of the issue, I propose a small picture. I also propose voicing your opinion, noting in the survey below, and telling (if you wish, of course) about the methods used as a replacement for antiviruses.


    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    And what do you think: do you need antivirus software on servers?

    • 27.8% I completely agree with your opponent - antiviruses are superfluous on this holiday of life 250
    • 54.6% I agree with your approach - you need to analyze situations in detail, determine the need, and find the optimal solution 490
    • 20.5% Clean ecosystem without antivirus on servers - utopia 184
    • 21% Antivirus - a digital condom, without it there is no place 189

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