Copying a site without copyright and how to deal with it

    Good time of day!

    I want to turn to the respected habrasociety for help in solving a small but unpleasant problem. Someone licked the content of one of my old sites, hosted it under a new domain, removed all copyrights and inserted advertising banners, apparently to raise money. They don’t give anything to my letters sent to the two email addresses found.

    Brief history:

    9 years ago I created a site dedicated to the good old programming environment - Visual Basic. The site was located at, but about a year and a half ago it disappeared due to the closure of the free hosting. Now the site can only be reached through the web archive .

    A week ago, I accidentally stumbled upon a full copy of my site at: By comparing the copy in the web archive with, it is easy to notice that the owner removed all the information about the author and put his own advertising banners.

    Whois of the domain issues the host email: Email is silent. If I correctly found out the name of the hosting by IP site, then the site is hosted on I tried to write a letter in abuse - zero reaction.

    Maybe there are any other methods of dealing with such impudence?

    Thank you for your attention and understanding.

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