Microsoft wants to buy DoubleClick

    Bloomberg reports with reference to the Wall Street Journal that Microsoft is in talks to acquire DoubleClick Inc. , managing one of the largest online ad networks. The company belongs to the financial group Hellman & Friedman LLC , which bought it in 2005 for & 1.1 billion.

    The amount of the current transaction is expected to be around $ 2 billion. Hellman & Friedman management has requested so much for DoubleClick after its evaluation by Morgan Stanley Bank. According to WSJ, some sources indicate that there are others besides Microsoft who want to invest in this purchase.

    Experts believe that in the event of a positive outcome of the negotiations, Microsoft will get a good tool to fight Google and other rivals. DoubleClick uses its own Dart technology in its work, which allows you to effectively track many parameters by which you can judge the success of an advertising campaign. It is precisely by these possibilities that Microsoft customers are now losing to Google and Yahoo customers.

    DoubleClick's direct and strong competitors, however, are companies such as ValueClick and aQuantive. Both offer Dart-like campaign management and monitoring solutions. The latter, having an annual income of three times that of DoubleClick, is estimated at $ 2.15 billion. This fact makes many people look incredulously at the amount requested by Hellman & Friedman.

    No comments have yet been received from the parties involved.

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