LinuxCenter wants to help users "get off Windows"

    LinuxCenter in the framework of the project "Free software for education, science, culture and communication" introduced the first CD with free software. With the help of this collection of programs, its creators expect to help users "get off Windows."

    The following programs are offered as a free alternative:

    • Nvu & KompoZer (HTML editor)
    • GIMP (Graphic Editor),
    • FileZilla (FTP client),
    • Gaim (messenger),
    • Mozilla Firefox,
    • Mozilla Thunderbird,
    • Audacity (audio editor),
    • VLC Media Player (media player),
    • AbiWord (word processor),
    • Mozilla Sunbird (calendar),
    • 7-Zip (archiver),
    • Infra Recorder
    The collection is available for free download from the LinuxCenter ( iso ) server , and can also be sent by mail for 115 rubles. In the future, within the framework of the project, it is planned to duplicate the next version of the collection and distribute it for free in Russian educational, scientific, cultural and communication institutions.

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