Hyperview at RIW 2009

    A week ago, RIW 2009 was held - the largest offline event of the Russian Internet. I was lucky to attend the conference as a journalist, and most importantly, to really help people with the organization of work. Three days - but not hard work, but a fan, communication, emotions.

    Television, in spite of all its efforts, could not keep track of all the participants of the exhibition (by the way, the news about RIW skipped - oh, god! - even to the "Culture" channel). It seemed that the Russian Internet conference would be lost for everyone who could not attend, leaving behind only subjective opinions of people and static photographs .
    So the young project actio.tv took a crucial role in transferring the offline RIW space to online

    As a curious journalist, I volunteered to help them. We had a camera and a desire to work. In the future - 40 pavilions that had to be circumvented and “processed”. And we did it!

    Now you have the opportunity to virtually go through the entire exhibition and see the presentation of each project presented at RIW. In the meantime, you will play with the unusual features of hypervideo, I’ll talk about how we did it.

    The author of these lines selflessly walked through each pavilion and explained to the tired representatives of the companies their task in 10 seconds to make a mini-presentation of their project ... Separately, it’s worth describing the reactions of people who suspiciously referred to my words about the official video for the Russian Internet Week website hanging on my neck accreditation with the designation as the organization of a student newspaper (a modest tribute to the native edition). I quickly solved the problem - simply turning it over so as not to embarrass anyone.

    The operator and the assistant patiently filmed, and if necessary, re-shot each presentation, gave advice, supported and encouraged the speakers in every possible way.

    All this was filmed in the last hours of the exhibition, so many thanks to those who unfolded the already folded posters and prepared the speech, who treated our request with attention and responsibility and who really wanted to convey their message to a wide audience. Thanks to them, you now have the opportunity to "walk" through the exhibition and get acquainted with any stand you like. Perhaps the only minus is that you can’t get a bunch of glossy handouts that you could then conveniently substitute under a hot mug of tea.

    In general - look and feel the atmosphere of the largest Russian online exhibition.
    We wish you a successful virtual tour of RIW 2009!

    PS: but in life, of course, I’m better than in the video :)

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