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    Found today on a habr an entertaining note devoted to our Akademgorodok. Not too lazy and reached the source . It turns out that Fortune magazine published material called The next Silicon Valley: Siberia. All this, of course, is very good, and IBM and Schlubmerger really work for us, they are actively saving money on our employees, who can be paid five times less (this is not my invention, we read the source). But there are several interesting points in the article that I would like to comment on separately.

    Time passes slowly in Novosibirsk. In front of the opera house on Red Prospect, skateboard kids skid off the plinth of the Lenin statue."Well, everything is clear here - the amers, stuffed with anti-communist propaganda at one time, just like we are anti-capitalist, believe that in Russia everyone still worships Lenin, cherishes and cherishes his many monuments and dresses all in red. There is nothing to be done about it; it will die out by itself with generations. By the way, as for skaters, the truth is also true - imagine, and in Siberia there are also skateboards.

    The article also has a subtitle, reads as follows: “A tech boom is giving life to a former Soviet center for science. IBM, Intel - and even Oprah - are paying attention ». Oprah is not mentioned here for a catch-phrase (I suppose everyone knows that such a saying "... and even Oprah" in the USA has long been a commonplace figure of speech and Oprah is purely common here). So, as it turns out later, a certain local company Axmor makes a web portal for Oprah. And here is what her employee says: “We didn't really know who Oprah was, but we know who she is now.”. Do you understand, yes? Again +1 point to Amer's pride. I immediately draw for myself both the farmer and the middle manager who are sitting in Talahassee and NY respectively and chuckle ironically: “Wow, they in Siberia don’t even know who Oprah is. Wild land. People of the mountains. " By the way, I have never heard of any Axmor. I took a curious look at the site. It turns out that the guys are not at all proud of their origin - the addresses and phone numbers of the Novosibirsk office are given purely between cases, serious issues are resolved in the city of Pescadero, California.

    There is still such text. Screen Photo Electronic Instruments produces night-vision devices for a San Francisco firm. “It's so cold here,” says Vladimir Aksyonov, the general director, wrapped in a white lab coat, “there's nothing to do but work.”. And similar in addition: “Today, Dmitry Verkhovod interrupts a meeting to sign for an overnight package from Ozon, Russian equivalent of “Look at this,” he says, grinning with civic pride. “Even out here in Siberia, I can receive DVDs, books, music.” ”Well, that’s it, they discredited us from head to toe. There are no televisions here, the dog’s cold, they order DVDs and CDs from some kind of Ozone - it doesn’t work any closer, and in general the Eskimos live here with the Chukchi, who need to save on their money.

    The last straw that prompted me to dispel thoughts in LJ and on Habré was the words of a certain Dmitry Verkhovod: “The Novosibirsk Akademgorodok is a huge brand, and it has to be marketed.”. Well, straight transnational brand. Now for sure. And what opinion did gentlemen officials and businessmen have about themselves? What does an IT business representative think of sitting in the States? As in the unwashed Russia, it is the USSR (because, you see, only a legally former, our people are not going to restructure their heads), good programmers are sitting in the cold, who take five times less for work. At the same time, they may not go on holidays and work from dawn to dusk. And taxes there, with office space, are generally cheap. And in the beginning, such a phrase slipped through. “Inside Intel we have an expression,” says Steve Chase, president of Intel Russia. "If you have something tough, give it to the Americans. If you have something difficult, give it to the Indians. If you have something impossible, give it to the Russians. ”So it’s bold, boldly you can send to Russia what you’re kind of planning to do, but your hands don’t reach everyone. Perhaps it will do. In the meantime, let our code be audited.

    Just do not now attack me, defend Russia, our unforgettable homeland. Woe-patriots and so we all sat on the neck. I want to be understood correctly. Of course, we want this to really be the case - the new hi-tech center is almost in the center of the country and certainly in the center of Siberia, huge salaries, doing nothing at work (this is about mastadons, again not for everyone). But, excuse me, dear ones, for this you have to work hard and so far this is far. Have you seen how everything works in Delhi? Even if they begin to build now, of such proportions, at least in terms of appearance, we will reach in 5 years at least. And multiplying this by the traditional gouging, we get all 10.

    By the way, about gouging. You know, in startup Akademgorodok utilities are completely unable to work. I don’t know if this is connected with the work of the district administration (hi, Mr. Gordienko), maybe the will of the housing and communal services, but they clean the roads no more than once a week. Very critical, especially now - during the period of active melting of snow, and in snowfall. So that's what I mean. First you would learn how to clean the roads. And he will come hi-tech. He himself will come, without your help, gentlemen, officials. If only they would not interfere. Divide all the money there at once and sit quietly, quietly, without tyranny. Express yourself in different kurshavels or squirrels, for example, who has not enough money for France. And here, I beg you, do not bother.

    What is this song about? Yes, nothing. That is my vision of all these issues, which now will not end-edge. Fortune magazine, by the way, thanks a lot for not starting to think up anything beyond the norm, inflating a soap bubble. It’s ours here used to such fun. No one will argue with what has been described, but whether it will be better is a big question. Maybe it’s true that after reading the reviews, American financiers and IT businessmen will run to us to save money, cheer up the hi-tech growth charts with new dollar zeros in numbers, and even create a Siberian miracle. Only optimists have always survived in Russia. Others, obviously, left and entered the lists of billionaires. Do not lose hope and wait, gentlemen. Meanwhile, we are working.

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