BootCamp 1.2 - whist support

    Apple released Boot Camp 1.2 beta.

    - support for Windows Vista (32-bit)
    - updated drivers
    - support for Apple Remote (now works with iTunes and Windows Media Player)
    - Boot Camp icon in System Tray. Provides access to Boot Camp information and features
    - improved keyboard support for different languages. Including Russian. This is already becoming a good tradition.
    - Improved installation of Windows drivers.
    - updated documentation.

    On the site dedicated to this update, Apple again jokes on Microsoft. The EFI and BIOS note says:

    Apple computers use state-of-the-art technology called EFI. At that time, Windows, both XP and Vista, got stuck in the 80s with an old-fashioned BIOS. But Boot Camp allows you to work seamlessly in two centuries.

    PS Today I received my new Mac Book Pro 15 "2.33 GHz, 2Gb, 120 Gb, 256 vRAM. Envy.

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