Drone + program again not allowed on the App Store

    Every time an American drone kills someone, your iPhone sends a signal and shows on the Earth globe where it happened. Great idea for a mobile application, it would seem. But Apple did not evaluate it - and refused the Drone + application to register the App Store. According to Apple, the notification of military news by this method is "unpleasant and rude."

    New York-based program developer Josh Begley is indignant: if aggregation from news sources is considered “unpleasant and rude content,” he does not know how to fix the program so that it does not violate the rules.

    This is the third time Drone + has been rejected by Apple moderators. For the first time, a program that collects news about drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia was called "worthless." The second time there was a claim to a hidden logo. And now - the problem of "rough content".

    Josh Bigley does not understand what could be rude if the program does not show corpses or some photos, but simply collects news on a certain topic and imposes the coordinates of airstrikes on a map of the area.

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