Google seriously wants to buy out a portion of the 700 MHz spectrum

    Google President Eric Schmidt has confirmed that the company will "probably" participate in the auction for licensing the frequency spectrum of 700 MHz. Earlier information appeared that Google was ready to spend at least $ 4.6 billion on these goals and buy back part of the frequency range. According to independent experts, the total cost of all licenses can reach $ 20 billion.

    It is no secret that Google needs a broadcast license in this part of the spectrum to deploy a free wireless network throughout the United States.

    The FCC Commission said in advance that at least a third of the spectrum in this range should be used to establish an open national data network, which could connect any device or program. Whoever purchases this spectrum, he must build such a network. Cellular operators AT&T and Verizon have already protested that such auction conditions provide a clear advantage to Google.

    The auction for licenses will be held in January 2008.

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