Why does Outlook start Ctrl + F forwarding instead of searching, like all normal programs?

Original author: The Old New Thing
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There is a generally accepted convention that the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F launches the search function. So does Word, so does Excel, so does Wordpad, so does Notepad, so does Internet Explorer. But not Outlook. Why is Outlook not complying with the unspoken standard?

We will be back in 1995.

The development team worked hard to create an email client, which was then called Exchange (code name Capone, in accordance with all the Chicago terms of those years). In those days, the combination of Ctrl + F caused a search dialog, as expected.

But then there was a bug report from a beta tester who wanted Ctrl + F to be assigned to forward (forward) letters, and not to search, because he was used to this key combination in another mail client that he had used before Exchange.

This beta tester turned out to be Bill Gates.

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