Washington is the first city with free mobile TV

    Washington will be the first city to launch free digital television for mobile devices. It can be freely taken and watched on smartphones, car displays and laptops. DTV broadcasts will begin in August with five local television stations owned by CBS, NBC, PBS, Ion, and Fox. This is only the first step in implementing the plans of the newly formed coalition Open Mobile Video , which aims to organize universal broadcasting of free mobile TV. By the end of the year, they plan to occupy another 25 American cities, including New York, Chicago and San Francisco, and cover the broadcasting area with 39% of the US population.

    It is not yet clear which specific devices will be able to receive digital television and in what standard broadcasting will be carried out. Cellular operators are not particularly enthusiastic, because they have their own television for their subscribers, and paid for by subscription.

    However, Dell has already unveiled a new laptop model with a built-in DTV receiver at the recent NAB. Mobile phones with such functionality have already been announced by LG and Samsung. Kenwood manufactures matching receivers for car interiors.

    via AP

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