Obama will be handed a “red button" to turn off the Internet

    Governments around the world are striving for control of the Internet: the British and Swedes are trying to monitor user activity on the Internet, the Chinese have introduced censorship on the Internet, but Americans are always ahead of the rest, Itwire reports .

    Two US senators, Democrat John Rockefeller and Republican Olimpia Snow, have drafted a bill giving the US president a second red button to help the country's first person turn off access in the event of an emergency in the name of national security to the internet.

    They were prompted by this decision not only by the constant growth of tension in the world, but also by the tendency to transfer interstate disputes to the Internet, as we already saw in the example of Estonia in 2007, when a number of DDOS attacks brought the state almost to bankruptcy. However, most observers consider this step premature, and are confident that there are other ways to combat terrorism online.

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