The powder toy

    I bring to your attention an excellent game, for which you may spend more than one evening. This game belongs to the category of those that can be easily learned, but it is difficult to become a professional. Yes, and becoming a professional is not necessary. This is just a great time killer. The game is based on physics. Here, with the help of about 40 materials, almost everything can be done. A calculator, a volcano, a nuclear bomb (or a reactor, as you like), a flamethrower. Yes, I just don’t have enough imagination for everything.
    Moreover, it refers to open-source products.

    For example, here is a real binary calculator.

    And here is a decimal calculator.

    The game has an excellent engine for the realization of many of your ideas!

    To control the game you just need a mouse. But for convenience, the creators provided hot keys:
    Z - zoom (just an indispensable tool)
    Shift - draw a straight line from the selected material
    Ctrl - draw a rectangle
    S - save the area
    L - load the area and put it in the right place
    C - change the view
    Q - exit
    P - take a screenshot

    There is a library where you can download any project made by another person. To do this, however, you need to register.

    Of the materials there are metal, fire, lava, electricity, plutonium, neutrons, water, various types of walls, etc.
    Do not forget about the CLNE material, which endlessly reproduces the substances that have touched it.
    Using plutonium, you can assemble a nuclear bomb. Only plutonium needs to be scattered carefully, otherwise it will begin to interact with itself from exceeding the critical mass and careless handling.
    For example, a controlled reaction of a nuclear reactor can be made.


    All substances interact with each other, simulating real reactions. Water puts out a fire, fire burns a tree and so on. 2D does not spoil the picture of the world at all. You can arrange large-scale explosions, or make waterfalls, you can even make a nuclear reactor, since there are plutonium and a source of neutrons in the arsenal of substances.
    Electricity is transmitted through metal and water, with its help it is possible to undermine C-4, which is also available. You can also simulate the operation of electronic components.

    The game also provides several types, which are switched by the C key (or the button located in the lower right corner)
    The first most spectacular shows the state of affairs "as it is."

    There is also a view with which you can recognize the pressure at each point, the direction of wind movement, loops of particle movement.

    Craftsmen collect a variety of things from available materials.





    And enchanting "analog of Guitar Hero"!

    And finally, I will provide a video of a good explosion

    Thanks for attention

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