Dojo: Hello World!

Original author: Lance Duivenbode
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The purpose of this lesson is to provide a starting point for those who have not encountered Dojo before. We will deal with the configuration and connection of Dojo, and also write a small example of AJAX interaction using Dojo tools.


  • First of all, of course, you need a working Dojo.
  • Then you need a web server. Although the Dojo JavaScript library can be used without a server, in this tutorial we will parse AJAX, so we'll use some server-side scripting language, such as PHP or ASP.
  • As a browser, IE6 / 7, Firefox 2 (with the third version has problems), or Safari are suitable.

There are three methods for installing Dojo:
  1. Without installing anything, use Dojo from AOL CDN
  2. Install the latest release on your server
  3. Get Dojo from Subversion

Connect Dojo from CDN

This is the fastest and most painless method. You just load Dojo through the tag

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