MediaMarkt Opening, Lemmings and Consumer Protection Law

    Until recently, I had never had the pleasure of visiting MediaMarkt stores. The other day I saw an advertisement about the “grand opening” in Moscow of two new supermarkets. I am not averse to sales and other promotions. Rather, it coincided that I needed to choose something from household appliances, and the opening was scheduled for 12 nights - exactly at the time when I was going from work without traffic jams. Especially since I was traveling with a friend who was also interested in attending this event.
    From the very beginning, my idea of ​​this discovery came down to the following: we will arrive by 12 at night and in a calm atmosphere we will see everything. Still, it was Thursday, and not everyone can afford to come to work the next day for dinner. As it turned out, I really underestimated marketing. According to subjective estimates, about 3,000 people came there. We arrived somewhere around 12.30. They were still not allowed inside. They looked around the whole crowd and realized that getting into the store in an acceptable time was not realistic. Therefore, we went to a nearby store for products that also needed to be bought.
    After about 1.5 hours after we slowly purchased everything we needed, we decided to go and see how it was in MediaMarket. We were very surprised that the store was still in the queue, but not very big. Approximately 20 minutes. The desire to turn around and leave disappeared after we noticed many happy owners of new televisions, microwave ovens, computers, etc. joyful leaving the store. Thousands of lemmings can't be wrong ?!)
    Inside, we got even much faster than expected. We must give them their due - everything was arranged in such a way that you willingly buy it, even if it really is not needed). And apparently, the majority was guided by just this when making purchases and not wanting to remain empty-handed, since we had arrived. Since the general price analysis did not show any special and grandiose discounts. True, a friend noticed a Lenovo laptop, whose market price is about 60,000 rubles, and there the price tag urged him to become a happy owner in less than 28,000 rubles. A tempting offer. Here are just a friend, a sales assistant said that the laptop is not for sale. Since the price tag came out. Like, many have already approached and wanted to buy ... But, sorry, I can’t help. Just an annoying mistake.
    And in such cases, knowledge of the law on consumer protection is very useful. There is a product, there is a price tag, which means they are obliged to sell. After this simple thought was conveyed to the manager, they found the box without any problems, packed and handed the coveted laptop. That's only according to their statements, he was, unfortunately, one and the second is not in stock.
    Do you think this is really a “mistake in the price tag” or MediaMarkt action, whose employees decided to use it and purchase this laptop for themselves? Especially when you consider that its price in the database corresponded to that indicated on the price tag. And why was he the only one?

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