Text at all costs: PPT. Second take

    I recently announced my option to read PowerPoint presentations using pure PHP. Then I regretted that the class was crude and needed to be improved. How long, short, but errors were found - now the files are read much better, without any dirt. I hope you find my experience useful.

    Error (main), as expected was in the wrong reading PersistDirectory. Either my English is failing me, or Microsoft is writing my documents too confusing, but OffsetPersistDirectoryI did not immediately figure out how to read the structure by offset . It turns out that the structure consists of triples: PersistId- The ID of the first entry into the directory, cPersist- The number of entries to read after this value. And then n = cPersistfour byte valuespersistOffset- offsets to occurrences in PersistDirectory.

    Previously, I read absolutely incorrectly, it is surprising that this somehow worked. Due to the fact that the error is serious and, perhaps, there are people who may need my classes, I am writing a topic for the second time.

    You can get the code with comments on GitHub .

    Text at all costs

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