Printliminator - a bookmarklet for convenient listing of sites

    More than once the question was raised on Habré about  media "> optimizing the pages of websites for printing. Nevertheless, time is running out, and not many sites have acquired a separate print style. Yes, and it’s not always necessary to print the entire page, for example, I’m interested article, but it is not interesting comments under it, what do I print everything and then just throw away the extra sheets in the trash.

    the same question was puzzled somehow and Chris Koyer (Chris Coyier), author of the blog the CSS-Tricks . He wanted to print out the words songs, but really didn’t want to print all the banners, logos, background images then he sat down and wrote a small script in jQuery, which later turned into the hero of today's habratopik - the “Printliminator” bookmarklet.

    To use the bookmarklet, you must install it. Drag the big black button from The Printliminator website to the bookmarks bar of any browser that supports JavaScript in bookmarks. And then on the site we want to print, click on the bookmark.

    The following window will appear:
    Printliminator window

    If you move the mouse cursor over any element of the page, it will be framed in red. When clicked, the {display: none} property is assigned to it and the element disappears from the page. If you hold Alt (PC) or Option (Mac) at the same time, everything except the framed element will be deleted.

    The “Remove all graphics” button will remove all images from the site, and the “Apply print stylesheet” button will assign the site a pre-written stylesheet for printing. As Chris himself writes, this style sheet is based on the  Hartija CSS framework..

    Well, there are two more buttons, the purpose of which, I think, is clear to everyone - “Undo last action” (cancel the last action) and “Send to printer” (will call the standard printer dialog).

    For clarity, I recommend watching a video on  the Printliminator website . It is in English, but without words everything is clear.

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