PornHub Launches Bug Bounty Public Program

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    And this will be, perhaps, the most interesting vulnerability search program of all existing ones.

    BB was launched on hackerone , and judging by the tracker, the program was already working in closed mode for a year, that is, it was available only to some experienced researchers. Now access is open to all.

    Yes, now you don’t need to close the browser in a panic when when someone comes up to your monitor: you are looking for vulnerabilities, actually, and for a reason! By the way, yes, the maximum payout is $ 25,000 (the minimum is $ 50). Very cool, I think.

    Kristina decided to start a career in the porn industry, and after analyzing the profitability of all possible options, she began by participating in the pornHub bug bounty.

    The program conditions are pretty ordinary

    • scope - http: //*
    • only normal technical vulnerabilities are accepted (no social engineering, no “would you HSTS to get hurt” and other slag; however, among the “slag” - CSRF, well, ok)
    • automatic reports from any utilities are not accepted
    • Well, other standard nonsense

    In general, if you have long lacked the motivation to participate in BB, here it is!



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