Online drawing

    The idea is to create either a plug-in for popular chats, or a separate site on which you can draw so that the interlocutors can see. It is also assumed that you can put a photo on the background and gag on it, and there is also a “multi-channel” action history - so that each chat participant can roll back his or her changes.

    Target audience: remote visualizers, such as a freelance illustrator, receiving comments from the project manager.

    The story of the idea: sitting in skype chat, they discussed with a designer friend one visual topic and still could not come to one solution. The idea of ​​drawing sketches and sending to each other was rejected immediately - it was too long and not interactive - I wanted a brain storm!

    - I myself can’t realize this idea, and I don’t presume to look for someone who, by virtue of prof. reasons;
    - new interesting functions constantly come to mind, so if it’s interesting, I agree to cooperate in the development;
    - It seems to me that this insanely convenient thing would be ...

    UPD : Dear, please stop stopping it - I already realized that I was wrong, calm down.

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