VR - Issue # 4

    - Questions and comments
    - Debian. Officially on the laptop (in Note # 14 a detailed description of the installation and tests)
    - Sony Reader 505
    - Achilles Hole
    - Slonik 's Corner “Vulnerability Column”
    - About coders
    - About programmers
    - The Muslim portal was rejected by the studio, a paid exit was sent to my office to the Arab what was denied. Studio against Nazism and terrorism. Calls for jihad were also published on the portal.
    - I'm saving up for macbook Pro
    - Akado has come, and Corbina is still stomping, when?!? !!! Future transition from Akado to Corbina
    - Torrent from one IP address to two active users or a ban from torrents.ru
    - Microsoft’s dumbness or Steve Ballmer’s 64-bit systems

    - Harvard found reasons for happiness and joy
    - Ballmer doesn’t exclude the possibility of continuing XP sales
    - Save XP action goes personal
    - Microsoft: we are not to blame for the massive attacks on sites
    - Microsoft handed out conference flash drives with a trojan
    - Windows XP SP3 is available through Windows Update
    - Microsoft has postponed the distribution of SP3 for Windows XP
    - Microsoft-Yahoo: deadline has arrived, there
    is no deal - Skype has begun beta testing programs for mobile phones
    - Development of GTA IV for PC may not start
    - Firefox share in Europe grows And in the US - falls
    - Google shows the prototype of the new image search system
    - Play on Google and get points for tags!
    - 11 signs of a gamer's aging
    - Apple Boot Camp 2.1.1: working with Windows under Mac OS
    - 30 years old spam this year
    - Traffic lights of the future
    - Wi-Fi radio
    - T-Mobile has confirmed that it will release an Android OS device this year
    - Philips Xenium 9 @ 9k: two months on one charge
    - Digital jeans with a built-in keyboard

    - Nokia's Tablet PC will work with Ubuntu and Qt libraries
    - Man as a guide for the identification system
    - iMac line update
    - 3G iPhone will appear on June 9
    - Foxconn will fix mass production of 3G iPhone
    - A pair of digitizer Genius G-Pen with a resolution of 4000 lpi
    - A watch will predict the weather
    - A holographic drive for next month
    - Seagate has sold a billionth hard drive
    - Beyerdynamic DTX 35: music for sports and energetic
    - HD camcorder from DXG for $ 169

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