Four out of five corporate networks are equipped with Macs.

Original author: Sam Oliver
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The share of Apple products in the corporate sector was much larger than anticipated. According to new research, the Mac and Mac OS X are now much more commonly used in offices.

A survey of the Yankee Group, which was conducted among 750 C-level administrators and executives around the world, found that almost 80% of enterprises had some Mac installed on their computer networks.

Mac OS X it’s still small, the number of those who have mastered and recognized the Mac is steadily growing, which has not been seen since the 80s, ”company representatives said.

Among those who responded to the survey, almost a quarter reported that a significant number of Macs were installed on their company network - more than 30 machines.

The Yankee Group also made several assumptions about what exactly fuels interest in the Mac in the corporate environment. Among them were factors such as the elegant Safari browser, iChat and an improved version of the FileVault security system, which allows you to encrypt data on the disk, protecting documents in case of theft.

It also noted the Time Machine backup system, which is distributed as part of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and some service programs, such as virtualization tools and the Back to My Mac system, which allows you to remotely access files on your home computer through the MobileMe service.

Although this was not part of the Yankee Group study, the success in the smartphone market helped a lot in invading Apple's corporate market, as analyst Piper Jeffrey said earlier.

Since smartphones usually form the core of many corporate structures, analyst Gene Munster suggests that the spread of the iPhone as a smartphone for business has led the company to the corporate market in general.

“While Apple allows the consumer to influence decisions in product development, the company also realizes that each such consumer at work is most likely a PC user. Therefore, we expect the company to focus on increasing its market share in enterprise systems, ”says Munster. translation

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