Project Management Books

    We continue to publish useful literature, this time I have prepared for you a short article on books on project management. Dry theory or a lively, vibrant, fascinating style of storytelling - which of this is closer to you? But what if we describe the basic principles of working in the IT sphere in a fascinating style, creating an almost adventure novel, where programmers act as the main characters?

    Open any of the books of the tandem Demarco-Lister, these two will definitely surprise you. You can start familiarizing yourself with their work from the book “The Human Factor: Successful Projects and Teams,” which will make you look at planning software development taking into account interpersonal relationships. In fact, this is a collection of valuable tips. Some recommendations may have been made before, but only with Tom Demarco and Tim Lister each advice is accompanied by a fascinating story. You get not only the answer to the question “how”, but also an exhaustive explanation of “why” and “why.” Moreover, the story is so fascinating that you do not notice how you laugh at funny situations, and immediately remember your own subordinates.

    We figured out the employees, now about the risks ... By the way, did you try to Waltz with the Bears? It doesn't work, right? So, risks cannot be avoided either, you need to prepare for them properly and learn how to reflect and even prevent the blows of your competitors. You can bring the insoles to complete confusion, and even rage, using the techniques of the book “Waltzing with the Bears”. Gradually, you will master this sophisticated art.

    The best-selling author, business coach, and simply successful businessman Patrick Lensioni, deciding to share his unique experience, did not want to follow the path of many of his colleagues and create a monotonous list of moralizing. But parables are fun, funny and informative. His book in the style of business fiction, “The Five Temptations of the Leader,” will show you yourself from the outside. Believe me, this is a little sobering, some of his short stories can become for you a real “ice shower”. But subordinates can also praise, but reasonable criticism, and even with a detailed description of how to act more efficiently, will come in handy for any of us. Lensioni has a lot of books, and each of them is almost worth its weight to the project manager. For example, “Three signs of dull work: A story with meaning for managers (and their subordinates)” is a novel about

    Therefore, if your team is too relaxed, the competitors are overpowering, and you do not know how to cope with an avalanche of problems - this is the way out. Read, develop and success will not take long.

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