The State Duma approved the law on information

    On July 8, the State Duma adopted the law "On Information, Information Technologies and the Protection of Information" in the final third reading. As the Rosbalt correspondent reports , 409 deputies supported the document, opposed 2.

    This law determines the procedure for collecting, transmitting, producing and disseminating information in the Russian Federation, using information and telecommunication networks, and establishes liability for violations in the field of information technologies and communications. New concepts are introduced (“information owner”, “information technology”, “information system operator” and others), which provide an unambiguous interpretation of legislative norms. The owner of the information is assigned exclusive rights to determine access to information resources and their use.

    A classification of information is introduced according to accessibility criteria and distribution methods (Article 4). The “presumption of openness of information on the activities of state bodies and local governments” is recorded: citizens will be able to access such information free of charge and without giving any reason. Internet and hosting providers, as well as data center operators, are not liable for the distribution and storage of prohibited information by their customers.

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