CBR draws banks' attention to phishing

    In order to minimize financial risks, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation draws the attention of credit organizations to the need for explanatory work among customers who hold payment (bank) cards on security measures when making payment transactions using cards on the Internet.

    As reportedDepartment of External and Public Relations of the CBR, recently in Runet there have been cases of the appearance of sites that offer various financial services using payment (bank) cards of international payment systems, such as VISA and MasterCard. Users are invited to fill out electronic forms and provide card details, including a PIN code. However, in this case, the transfer of confidential information is carried out without the use of secure information exchange protocols. This and a number of other signs characterizing the operation of such sites gives reason to believe that fraudulent actions known as “phishing”, that is, “luring” users to disclose confidential information through the use of fake sites, are masked by such offers.

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