Startups: workshop # 2

    The purpose of this discussion is a small case study, including a practical experiment (it is already being conducted, details will be voiced in the process).

    So, from the above, I do not seem to have heard anything new, so let's look at the question from a different angle. What is the basis of most of the strong international Internet brands based in the USA? First of all, this or that Internet innovation, no? If so, then the conclusion suggests itself: either all innovative-minded earthlings live in the USA, or, in my opinion, more likely than the amount of money circulating in this country, it gives people the opportunity to allow themselves to “take a little risk”, without fear of falling into into a serious financial hole. Any innovation is always a much greater risk than a business venture calculated using ready-made and rolled-in models.

    Or am I still thinking in the wrong direction?

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