Dialogue Discrimination

    Very often, various videos are posted on different blogs (Habr is no exception), but for those who have problems with the Internet, they are almost inaccessible. Jumping a roller even in a relatively small size is problematic.
    Therefore, there is a proposal (although it can be considered as a request) to attach a text with a description of what is still happening on the video, as far as this, of course, is possible to do. The exception is videos that really need to "see."

    In continuation of the topic I will write that such cases occur not only in a similar way. Take, for example, http://habrahabr.ru/blog/nokia/36025.html#comments. There were two pictures laid out, several hundred kilos each. In the opera and explorer, they did not fully boot up, so I had to download them stupidly. Attempts to influence the situation (below in the comments) spoiled karma and did not lead to anything else.

    I would like to hear your opinions. I hope for the support of dialup workers and reasonable non-limiters.

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