A book for a beginner to learn PHP

    Hello, I'm a newbie. I understand quite well that Habrahabr is not a place for questions, but really competent people, if there are any, are here somewhere. Although such communities are like databases and a detailed discussion of my question would be an important grain for beginners.
    What book to buy in order to fully and completely learn PHP from scratch in programming? Cost and other do not matter. The quality and speed of studying the manual is very important to me, please indicate for how long it was studied according to a certain textbook / manual

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    15 years, there is basic knowledge of HTML, the computer is perfect *, I am in 8th grade.
    According to Vadimm Belyaev, I write:
    For me, perfection is the strategic knowledge of using interfaces, i.e. what more or less unified canons that allow you to understand everything at once on an absolutely new and unwritten interface, there are different skills for Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Web OS ... I think of having a gentlemanly cross-platform set is also a part of perfection - you put the media into a computer and you get everything familiar tools. I’ve been sitting at a PC for a long time, so putting it together on cogs and loops is a matter of minutes. And also - style, style is 1/3 of perfection, everyone should have tricks and not give them to anyone, my tricks are connected with the Internet and mobile platforms. That's why I wrote UPD perfection

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