Teamwork on the Swedish Armed Forces website

    A girl (13 years old) from Kazakhstan wrote about one site with us. She says she found out about him from her favorite magazine (which she did not write).

    Here's what he writes about him:
    At first, I did not pay attention to this site. Since there was a boring picture. But when I was tired of other sites, I decided to try to go to this ... It turns out this is such a cool site! I’ll tell you more about it ...

    This site, how to say ... It's like a test for the ability to act in a team. And of course, on logic and thinking ... As soon as the content is loaded, you are asked if you want to create your own team, or prefer to play in someone else's. I think for starters you should just play a team.

    In short, you need to team up with three strangers from different countries in a few seconds to complete small tasks. Once you complete each task, extra seconds are added to your teammate, so each helps each other. And from time to time one task will appear, which can only be done together. But how to help each other if there is NO connection between the players ?! But this is the main intrigue and a special task!

    And here is the link to this site:

    I also went to it, purely out of interest. And now the second day I can not tear myself away from him! Only today I learned that this resource is actually on the website of the Swedish armed forces .

    At first, you may not immediately understand what and how. Try to play around a couple of times. Then try to go through as many levels as possible with the team (although dull users often come across, apparently newcomers like me at the beginning). And then I advise you to “hook” friends on a toy, create your own team, and play until victory!

    And I also have fun in Sevis - I “pester” the mouse with other participants;) I am spinning around, for example =)

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