Artemy Lebedev: “We take prices from the ceiling”

    Artemy Lebedev gave an interview to Alien Money magazine. Perhaps someone will learn something interesting for themselves.

    “Today, Artemy Lebedev is one of the prosperous businessmen of the Russian Network, the universally recognized founder of web design, who has the same number of fans and ill-wishers, and is equally equal to those and others, because this person does not have a roof from his own success, which would no one spoke there. His attitude to success, career, money, advertising and marketing is very mixed and even shocking. Lebedev is not shy in expressions, which delight lovers of a sharp word and connoisseurs of independent judgments. One way or another, interest in this person is obvious. And we suggest you to be convinced of it. ”

    The article is in PDF format, as it was being prepared for the magazine:U-turn 1 , U-turn 2 .

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