The Promise of Excellence Program

    Toshiba Computer Systems has recently announced a number of interesting promotions, but the Promise of Excellence customer support program has become the longest running.


    “The promise of perfection” is a service program unique not only for Russia, but also for the world as a whole. When you purchase a Toshiba laptop during the program, customers who register on receive the following services during the year:

    • Free repair - Toshiba will repair the laptop for free if it is damaged, not even covered by the warranty;
    • Compensation - Toshiba will provide for permanent use a new laptop instead of the stolen one;
    • Compensation of funds spent - Toshiba compensates money spent on a laptop if its owner loses his job;
    • Replacement - Toshiba will offer an alternative or return the money for the laptop within 14 days from the date of purchase if you don’t like it or are not suitable for the buyer.

    This has not yet been offered by any laptop manufacturer.

    By the way, Toshiba's The Perfection Promise program received the annual Consumer Rights Award in the Consumer Electronics category.

    The promotion ends July 31, 2010. And during this time, we really helped many who fell into unpleasant life situations.

    Now we would be interested to know if you had to use the “Promise of Excellence”, and what are your impressions of the program?

    UPD: what other shares of this kind can you name? Would you like the “Promise of Perfection” to last?

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