Free Paid Software

    A slippery legal question arose.

    Suppose one evil person wants to use Photoshop and not pay. But at the same time, so as not to be caught.
    He hires one programmer who cuts out all logos, licenses, swaps elements, the color of buttons and fonts a little, implants a crack, etc., making the program a little different.

    Then he invents an arbitrary name, prepares a simple half-free website in a distant African country, and this program is laid out there under an open license.

    It is used only by the host-villain, so Adobe will not attract the attention of it. If inspection bodies come (we assume that open licenses are recognized in Russia), then the entrepreneur will be clean in front of them - he did not install Krakow, he used it according to the license on the website

    The question is simple - how to avoid such use of paid software?

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