touches to the business model

    What is Sunrise, many know. The electronics hypermarket (yes, no longer just computers), which, as a friend of mine once remarked, is very much like a train station. The place is very specific and there is no desire to return there if it weren’t for the prices ... The last time I was there was a week ago, and this was the most unfortunate visit to this place. True, I noticed one nice thing that I had not noticed before. But first things first!

    I collected a friend's computer and picked up the components at home, saved the basket and wrote down its number in notes on the phone so as not to leave it at home. The price of the Intel Q6600 processor is very clearly laid out in memory - 5700 OEM, 6000 - BOX. Arrival on the territory immediately upset us with the eternal spring problem of our country - the asphalt was changed in the parking lot and therefore the dirt was ankle-deep. And it started ...

    Problem: The device for printing the order number for some reason printed so crookedly that one figure did not fit on a piece of paper!
    Solution: Print the number on the next device.

    Problem: Well, the saved basket didn’t want to appear at all.
    Solution:As it turned out later, it was necessary to go into the basket and find somewhere a link with the inscription “there is a saved basket by this number” or something like that

    Problem: When you exit the basket, it is reset
    Solution: Select all components, check their availability on stock and collect all in one go! For this reason, by the way, a saved basket would still not be useful.

    So, back to our sheepprocessors. The price of the boxed version is 6000 rubles exactly (in other stores at least 7 thousand). The total amount of the basket is 22800. We are going to pay. Recently, such a thing as payment at the box office does not exist here - now they only receive change at the box office. We approach the terminal, click on the smallest button “pay and return at the cash desk” (there is an alternative that is more welcomed by the store - handing over to a mobile phone) and ... I look at the line with the processor and see the number 5700. I carefully look - if I accidentally took it OEM, but after re-reading the name five times, I make sure that it is BOX. After a couple of seconds, my eyes fall on the TOTAL column and ... instead of 22800 I see 22500 there ... and then I remember that both times before, when purchases in Sunrise were made for similar amounts, these same amounts turned out to be suspiciously round.

    So, it turns out that Sunrise (at least for large checks) rounds the amount down to 500 rubles. Thus, reducing its profit (on one client to 499 rubles) directly from the sale of goods, however, at the same time, reducing queues (and, consequently, increasing turnover), reducing personnel costs (cash desks that issue change, the entire store was found 3 pieces, against about 50 terminals for receiving money) and relieving yourself of the problem of exchanging money (being ready to hand over change from any amount to any is not such a trivial task).
    As a result, the client is satisfied because he saved time and a little bit of money (in our case, a little more than 1 percent, but still). The store is satisfied, because there is no end to customers, as, however, there are no terrible queues. Here is such a conveyor of buyers.

    And about the time. Now this is not such a station. The time in the "waiting room" usually does not exceed 10 minutes, and those same queues at the box office, which once scared away, are no more.

    How do you like such a touch to the business model?

    PS It is very interesting, what is the lower limit of the check amount, for such roundings? If someone came across, please unsubscribe

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