Idea theft

    Often, in connection with a discussion of one project, they write to me that publicly posted ideas will necessarily be stolen. in extreme cases, slightly modifying the description.
    I would like to hear the honest opinion of the community on this provocation - as I think I “stole” the idea laid out here did you get something new? In fact, it came to mind within an hour after the next reading of the discussion of this project. If you simplify it very much, it seems that the same service is obtained, only very compressed in time and with elements of a forced change of opinion. Can this sentence be considered a theft of an idea with modification, or not? In this particular case, of course, Avtov “gave” me :) the project therefore the provocation did not quite succeed. I'll try with some other project to do such a trick if necessary.

    In general, what do you think can be considered a theft of an idea? What are the grounds for classifying it?

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