Roskomnadzor moved to a new level of insanity

    Judging by today's entry in the journal Artemy Lebedev, Roskomnadzor surpassed itself. Employees of this wonderful organization managed to find something vicious in the social video Dumb Ways to Die , commissioned by an Australian subway network. The purpose of the video is to convey the simplest, in general, sense of banal caution and prudence, not only in the subway, but in life as a whole. However, Roskomnadzor, of course, is not interested in such nonsense, and they got attached to the lyrics, which list ways to get away as stupid as possible by eating glue or an expired pie.

    Here is a quote from their slander:

    “The lyrics contain descriptions of various methods of suicide, for example: use expired medicines, stand on the edge of the platform, run through the rails between the platforms, eat a tube of superglue and others. Cartoon characters demonstrate the described methods of suicide in an attractive humorous format for children and adolescents. Song lines such as “Hide in the clothes dryer”, “I wonder what this red button does?” Contain a call to take these actions. ”

    The strangest thing in this situation is the firing accuracy of Roskomnadzor, which has entered only one unfortunate blacklisted entry . The video is still available both on the official website and on YouTubewhere he collected 40 million views. Moreover, I am sure it will be even more widely replicated after this incident. In my opinion, this is not even funny, but rather alarming. It's time to start a censorship hub for such things.

    Well and yes, for those who have not seen: video .

    PS: Dude with glue is the best!

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