Lexiconer - vocabulary replenishment program

    Lexiconer is a vocabulary replenishment program. Its main difference from programs of this kind is simplicity. The program is currently available for Windows, but since the program was written using the Qt library, a version for Linux may appear over time.

    There are a huge number of methods for memorizing words, among them there are both good and bad. Learning words using a computer program is, in my opinion, the most convenient of all of them. Within a month, I manage to memorize one and a half - two thousand new words, and, on the day, I usually take no more than 30 minutes to class.
    This program is far from the first in this area, but nevertheless I think it is worth your attention.

    Features of the program:
    • Five different exercises: mosaic , translation choice , card , word choice , spelling
    • Full work with the dictionary: search, add, change, delete words
    • Sound pronunciation
    • Transcription database (currently ~ 120,000 English words)

    Currently available dictionaries: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. (The list is constantly updated)

    Replenish the vocabulary daily!

    Program website
    List of dictionaries
    Distribution on rutracker.org with voice acting and a set of dictionaries
    Download for Windows

    PS The project was continued as a Telegram bot InMind.tech

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