21st century easter eggs


    The term "Easter eggs" is known, probably, to all representatives of the habrasociety. This term describes some hidden, implicit functions, mainly in programs and games. But generally speaking, now we’re not going to talk about some functions there, but about the real Easter eggs, which are popular both here at Easter (Easter eggs or Easter eggs (Ukrainian), like that), and in the West. And there’s no need to say that now is not Easter, I know, but I couldn’t get past such news.

    The fact is that painting eggs is quite tedious - of course, you can buy stickers, you can throw them in colored water. But the craftsmen created a device that paints eggs automatically. You can only imagine how much pleasure a similar device delivers to its owner. By the way, not a brush is used here, but a completely modern drip pen or something like this (who can say for sure what is shown in the photo as a “brush”, I will be grateful).

    What you see in the picture is only one of many models for painting ill-fated eggs. You can seem to create your own blanks of drawings, which will be applied as desired. In general, the thing is pretty useless, but surprisingly interesting - such things have always been popular among both children and adults. The device for coloring Easter eggs is called Eggbot, and several craftsmen from the USA created it.

    One of the authors of the development invented the first Eggbot model back in 1990, but now the egg coloring machine is truly perfect. The device can paint not only eggs, but also ordinary incandescent bulbs - so there is no need to translate a bunch of eggs to demonstrate the capabilities of Eggbot.

    More information about this device can be obtained at this link .

    By the way, the authors launched the gizmo on sale, only its cost is a little immodest - $ 195. For such money, you can hire a crowd of grandmothers who paint more than one kilogram of eggs. True, not so carefully.


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