Results of the 13th project session

    September 13th was the 13th project session. Six projects and more than twenty experts took part in it.


    Today we present the results of the meeting - a rating of investment attractiveness assigned to projects.

    • Leading personal finance service EasyFinance , received a rating of «A», and took 11th place in the overall list
    • Teachvideo educational project confirms its last year rating “A” and takes 15th place in the ranking
    • Travel service OnlineTours received a rating of "BBB" and took 31th place
    • Web service for taxi companies “ Narodnoy Taxi ” also received a “BBB” and took 37th place
    • Wishop Demand Aggregator - “BB” and 48th
    • Closed social network Face Gallery - “CC” and 65th place.
    At the meeting, all projects received constructive criticism and expert comments. You can find some of them in the startup rating section .

    More details about EasyFinance and OnlineTours projects will be discussed in the next issue of StartupIndex Review . "National Taxi" and Teachvideo can already be found in the pages of the sixth and third numbers, respectively.

    Following the results of the project session, all projects will be provided with a detailed transcript of the rating and expert opinions, according to which the authors will be able to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their projects.
    Video recordings of speeches will be published on our website over the next week. Project Sessions StartupIndex

    - These are closed events for professionals of the Internet and New Media market, where presentations of promising startups are presented. Based on the results of project sessions, experts fill out questionnaires for which the total score is considered, according to which the project receives a rating of investment attractiveness and a place in our ranking of startups.

    Rating can vary from D (absolutely hopeless) to AAA (maximum attractiveness). Moreover, only estimates in the range from BBB to AAA belong to the investment class, all that is lower are projects with a high degree of risk.

    We wrote more about the assessment methodology in a separate post .

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