Infrastructure for SAP Applications

    The introduction of SAP systems allows the company to achieve greater transparency and manageability of business processes, process information faster and make management decisions more quickly. But the process of implementing SAP is often not easy at all - the limitations of IT budgets and the inadequate level of training of IT staff are also affected. In such conditions, integrated infrastructure solutions optimized for working with SAP applications become a successful solution. One example of such a solution is Fujitsu FlexFrame for SAP.

    FlexFrame for SAP is a complete infrastructure solution, all of whose components - SAP applications, operating system, network infrastructure, servers, virtual machines, storage systems - are closely integrated and are under single control. Virtualization is used as one of the tools for creating a flexible, reliable and easy-to-use IT infrastructure. The core of FlexFrame for SAP is SAP Adaptive Computing application virtualization technology. Hardware virtualization is also possible: VMware virtual machines can be used along with physical servers in FlexFrame for SAP.

    The main characteristics of the solution are flexibility, ease of resource management, ensuring fault tolerance and high availability of applications, an optimized solution lifecycle management process (from design through commissioning to support). The advantage of FlexFrame for SAP is that the software included in the solution “knows” what the SAP system is and how to work with it. For example, in what order should the instances forming the SAP system start and stop. When administering the complex, the principle of end-to-end management is used - from the SAP system to the infrastructure, and most of the operations are performed automatically. For example, when adding a new SAP system to the complex, it is enough to indicate its name (SID), numbers and types of authorities. Everything else, including IP allocation, user creation, file systems, inclusion in the high availability loop will be done automatically. It is also important that high availability for SAP applications is provided “out of the box”, without the need for purchasing and additional software configuration.

    To reduce the amount of work, risks and costs associated with the implementation of FlexFrame for SAP, Fujitsu specialists have developed a special technique that is constantly being improved based on experience and customer feedback. Using the special FlexFrame Planning Tool, a complete specification of the solution (up to IP addresses) is compiled and a complete set of documentation for installing the solution is prepared. For each customer, the solution is pre-assembled, individually configured at the Fujitsu factory and delivered ready-to-use. Thanks to this, the terms of putting the solution into operation are drastically reduced: from the moment the boxes are opened to the moment the complex is ready for operation, it usually takes only two to three days. In terms of applications, SAP FlexFrame for SAP provides a standard operating environment,

    Recently, there has been a steady increase in interest in the FlexFrame for SAP solution from customers who need a comprehensive solution that provides the creation of a high-performance and efficient IT infrastructure for SAP systems. Increasing the flexibility of IT infrastructure and its reliability, simplifying operation and reducing the impact of the human factor, reducing the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure (both in money and in labor costs) are the tasks that FlexFrame for SAP successfully solves.

    FlexFrame is far from the only Fijitsu solution for SAP. Fujitsu’s portfolio of integrated SAP landscape development and support solutions includes systems such as the Business Warehouse Accelerator Infrastructure, which provides large database analytics with great speed and flexibility, and an optimized infrastructure to take advantage of in-memory computing - Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA. Fujitsu’s managed SAP IT infrastructure, including support and operational services, including hosting IT infrastructure both at the enterprise and in Fijitsu data centers, as well as a number of other SAP IT infrastructure services, is also at customers' disposal.

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