Printing from the point of view of an amateur photographer

    An interesting comment was made in the comments on my past topic that the topic of photo printing was not covered, although according to the logic of things it serves as the result, for which you, in fact, clicked on the button. I have not yet accumulated practical experience, therefore I will give theoretical calculations.
    Very sensible notes on the prospects of photo printing served as a guide to writing: Pavel Kosenko VS David Mzareulyan

    Fortified by the arguments of the masters, we will consider three options: watch from the screen , print at home , print in the nearest photo lab . Ordering prints over the Internet is the last item, although it can sometimes be more convenient.

    Screen view

    • you can show photos to all guests immediately on a large TV (LCD-panel, for example)
    • in this format, color rendering problems are not critical: you can quickly adjust the gamma and brightness
    • maximum convenience of cataloging, storage and backup of images
    • not everyone can afford a flat-screen TV with a large diagonal and good resolution
    • subjective moment - the absence of a paper print for someone can be very unusual
    From myself: a controversial question, can a computer monitor serve as a photo viewer. Personally, I have a 12 "laptop with a mirror matrix and an old" typewriter "with a 15" matte matrix, which is scary to watch movies on. Is it comfortable to sit around a 22-24 "monitor, and how many users do they have?

    Photo printing at home

    • the ability to instantly print your favorite frames
    • the ability to quickly correct the color and blemishes revealed during printing
    • the cost of the image, the cost of maintenance and operation of a good color photo printer
    • greater inconvenience of cataloging and storage compared to the electronic version
    • frequency of using a photo printer: with Picasa, Yandex. Photo, Flickr - how relevant is printing at all?

    From myself: is it advisable to have a good color printer at home? Expensive supplies, problems with ink drying, the problem of choosing between original accessories and cheap “alternatives”. Personally, I don’t have a printer at all at all - I try to print documents at work or inexpensively somewhere on the go (in any case, I need a laser printer for this), I have not thought about photo printing yet.

    Photo printing in the laboratory

    • low cost of a print on professional equipment, even if it is a small minilab, for example, in a supermarket
    • You will have to research a few points before you find one that suits you. Before printing, you will constantly have to take into account the features of the color reproduction of a darkroom: it may not be at all what you expect.

    From myself: it’s quite possible to get “yellowish” or “bluish” photographs if you had the opportunity to order printing in a photo lab for the first time: there is neither your fault, nor the fault of the photo lab workers.

    I find it most acceptable to keep up with the times and show photos on the "big screen" , since now high-resolution televisions are becoming more accessible (like DSLRs). For instant printing and small photo cards, a small portable printer with a modest print resource is enough, do not buy an adult “serious” model. If you were asked to print large-size photographs or a large batch of photographs, take a fancy to a photo laboratory near the house in advance, checking its quality in advance on a small batch of photographs “I am with Vasya and Masha against the background of the construction of an unknown architect”.

    I would like to hear your opinions and arguments in favor of this or that option.

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