Brief testing of free antiviruses

    I’ll tell you how I did a little testing of free antiviruses and their ilk. The desktop infected with any muck just turned up. His disk, about 70GB of information, was the subject of testing. The machine wasn’t specially chosen, a completely average office computer for a year communicating with the Internet and all the nonsense that the owner put on it.

    Testing Method:We put VMware on a clean computer (why dirty a working machine). We put Windows XP Pro SP3 in the virtual machine. We make the initial system cast. We will return to it after each testing. Download, install and update the antivirus. The infected disk in the box and through usb to the virtual machine. In the antivirus, install a “full” scan, but disable the treatment. We start and wait for the results. At the end - we roll back to a clean system.

    I think it would be more correct to make an image of an infected disk. Take a copy every time from the image and give it to the antivirus. So you can check the treatment, and not be afraid that the antivirus will spoil the collection of viruses.

    Unfortunately, AVG during testing killed some of the viruses and there was no sense in further testing.

    Tested:SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition , Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition , SpyBot S&D , Avast , Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 (trial version), AVG .
    Spybot turned out to be a thing in itself, and too leisurely. I had to exclude him.

    Conclusions: A good protection option is a pair of SUPERAntiSpyware and Avast.

    Avast has an amateur and slow interface, but it knows. SUPERAntiSpyware has a silly name, but it works quickly and efficiently. Ad-Aware seems to be losing ground, and the interface has changed for the worse. SpyBot S&D - somethingslurred. AVG is by no means bad. Kaspersky is paid, but there is trial, if you need to urgently heal.

    A similar result is quite in line with expectations. I needed this mini-test to confirm the results of other people's tests. And on a typical office car. I hope someone comes in handy too.

    Log of results.

    SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition
    version: 4.25.1012
    virus def. version: Core: 3724 Trace: 1698
    Scan Time: 00:33:07
    Files: 68
    Cookies: 11
    Registry items: 0
    Total Threats: 69

    Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition
    version: 8.0.1
    virus def. version: latest 2009-01-23
    Scan Time: 01:07:51
    Cookies: 9
    Files: 45
    Total Threats: 54

    SpyBot S&D
    spent several hours wondering what. I was not going to finish, I had to force it.
    Total threads found: 11 entries of 3 Trojans (not counted)

    version: 4.8
    virus def. version: 090123-0
    Scan Time: 02:59:17
    Total Threats: 92

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 (trial version)
    Scan Time: 00:47:06
    Adware: 25
    Viruses & Trojans: 32

    version: 8.0.233
    virus def. version: 270.10.13 / 1912
    Scan Time: 01:21:02
    Files / folders scanned: 215776
    Total Threats: 89

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