Tactical deployment: a couple of recommendations for animating text

    The appearance effects for the text in most cases are used for beauty and attracting involuntary attention due to movement. Also, click-through animation is used so that the speaker can control the appearance of information on the slide in accordance with the development of the presentation.

    Often when using animation, the fact that neither beauty nor movement should interfere or distract from the perception of information is overlooked.

    1. Animation of the text should correspond to the usual way of perception.

    Let me remind you that the natural direction of reading for Russian and English is from left to right, from top to bottom. So, the animation should unfold in the opposite.


    2. It is important that the audience is not forced to contemplate the appearance of the text for too long, and this action should not distract from the semantic part.


    In this case, a number of points radically spoil the picture:
    • Very painful ways of animating the text were chosen - you need to have good exposure to watch such slides.
    • Each following phrase appears with the help of a new elaborate way of animation, the use of which is in no way justified in terms of meaning.
    • Text appears from across the slide, introducing a vague sense of anxiety.


    Many in the audience will not even consciously notice that the text is somehow animated. Nevertheless, the animation adorns the slide and attracts involuntary attention, not at all distracting attention from the contents of the slide.

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