September 30: what the Google Wave preview version is preparing for us

    The site has information about which news about the wave we are waiting for September 30 (thanks to Alexey Isachenko for finding this article).

    The author of the article talked with the Google Wave team and provides such details:
    • Google will send out about 100,000 invites starting September 30th.
      There are about such numbers planned, but the GW team suggests that there may be more invites in the end. Everything will depend on the success of work on the stability of the system.
    • three groups of users will receive invites: current members of the “sandbox”, those users who have filled out an application for access to GW in the past few months (will receive an account in the “earlier arrived, earlier served” mode) and a number of selected corporate (enterprise) users with Google Apps accounts.
    • additional invites will be sent out as the GW team increases Wave performance.
    • users will not be able to directly send invites to friends, but each Wave user will be able to “nominate” eight (8) of his Ocean friends , who will be moved to the top of the queue to receive new accounts.
    • all current accounts from the sandbox will be moved to the domain.
      New features here, of course, will appear in the coming months, but as before, the main attention is now paid to scaling the system. The appearance of crash messages is not ruled out (“Everything is fine, beautiful marquise”) and there will be periodic system shutdowns for updating, as it is now in the development version.
    • contact management system will be integrated with Google Contacts.
      So far, only users with Google Wave accounts will be shown there.
    • Google Wave team will select a number of robots and widgets created by developers.
      Now there will be no AppStore or a market for robots and widgets in Wave. Users will be able to install only a small number of applications selected by the GW team .
    • Internet Explorer users will be warned to install and use Chrome Frame.
      Here about this plug-in in Russian on Habré.

    You can read more about upcoming changes in a post by Lars Rasmussen and Stephanie Hennon on Google’s official blog and a post by Stephanie Hennon on the Google Wave Developer Blog.

    In Russian, news about the Wave appears in our blog or in a group .

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