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The Google Wave Team

In May of this year, we announced an early version of Wave. This is Google’s new online communication and collaboration tool. With the help of Wave, many users will be able to communicate in real time, exchange photos, documents, gadgets and even feeds from other web resources using a common communication space, the so-called “wave”. In a nutshell, Google Wave is communication and the ability to work with documents “in one bottle” and in real time. The service can be used both for interacting with constant content (for example, for organizing a wiki environment in a company), and for short chats (for example, making an appointment with friends in a bar. Since the first announcement

In May, Google Wave did a great job to make the service more stable, fast and easy to use. Today we are ready to send over 100,000 invitations so that three categories of users can get a more complete picture of the project. Invitations will be received:

- Developers who have already tested the early version of the service , presented in June;
- Users who have registered on and agreed to share their experience with the service;
- Some users of Google Apps .

We will ask some invited users to choose from our acquaintances those people who will also then receive invitations - after all, it’s easier to evaluate the capabilities of the Google Wave service when friends, colleagues and relatives use it. Of course, this is only the beginning. If everything goes well, soon we will be able to invite many more people to try Google Wave.

Some ask the question of what we mean when we say preview. This means that the Google Wave product is not yet ready for general use. Not ready at this stage. There are functions that we still need to refine, and it is quite possible that from time to time the service will work unstably or “crash”. Perhaps the service will run slowly, and the user interface may, let's say, look strange. Currently, Google Wave is available only in English, but in the future we plan to release it in other languages.

Despite all the caveats listed above, we hope that you can appreciate the potential that Google Wave has and understand how the service can make your communication and networking more productive.

If you would like to receive invitations to use Google Wave in the future, sign up at . You can also follow the news on our tech team’s blog at .

Have a nice wave!

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