We make calendars in different number systems

    imageEvery year, on December 31, the respected anatoly_rr habrayuzer uploads such a calendar . This year I needed a similar calendar a bit more in advance, so I had to try myself. The process of pampering with a python script captivated me and I got a small calendar generator to my taste and color . I don’t need so much, so I decided to share it :)
    I’ll note right away that I contacted Anatoly both about using his script and about this publication.

    Now a little more

    The generator can do several number systems:
    • Hexadecimal
    • Decimal
    • Nine (symmetric)
    • Octal
    • Trinity (symmetrical)
    • Binary


    • You can set the colors of the background, year, day of the week, weekends and more. There are several predefined color options for the very lazy.
    • Output formats SVG, PNG, PDF.
    • Generated years - 2011-2015.
    • The language is Russian and English (the translation was ordered by a freelancer).
    • You can give someone a direct link to the result.
    You can also generate templates for cutting and pasting a cube and a dodecahedron. On the cube are immediately 6 calendars for the selected year in all existing number systems. One on each side. And on the dodecahedron, one month of the selected year on each side. Honestly, I didn’t really like the cube - everything was a bit small (but compact), but the dodecahedron pleased me. Given that it is glued from two parts - you can make these parts in different colors. In my opinion, it comes out beautifully.

    He also made the Mayan Calendar. An article on Ferre about this calendar generator several times reminds us that the year 2012 is quite significant in the context of the next doomsday. Interested in this topic. Quote from Wikipedia: “The starting point for discussions about the“ end of the world ”is the long count of the Mayan calendar, according to which the end of the current baktun falls on December 2012.” Those. this calendar is to blame. Slightly poring into the same Wikipedia, I found that the Maya relied on kaledar dvatsaterichnoy notation and is well fit into the concept of the generator. Of course, instead of the numbers we are used to, our own symbols are used. But you need to understand that in reality the Mayan calendar was completely different and I have presented our usual calendar, just in the Mayan number system.

    How it works

    Initially, calendars directly generated a python script. Then I redid it a bit and now it's just a few templates where the desired colors are changed before output. With PNG and PDF, everything is a little more complicated - inkscape deals with the generation of files in this format. The server seems to be coping without problems, not stupid.

    How does it not work

    SVG mapping does not work for previewing the result in IE and older versions of browsers.

    Used materials

    Hexadecimal system
    Decimal system
    Nine - decimal (symmetric ) system
    Octal system
    Ternary (symmetric) system
    Binary system
    End of the world
    Mayan digits

    Well, some pictures of my needlework

    The choice of a blog for publication (“Do It Yourself”) is determined precisely by the presence of these material results. Fridge magnets, pocket calendars printed on plastic using a special Eltron P310 Card Printer - I won’t show, but I can boast of paper figures: Link





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