Spy social network

    While in the vast majority of companies employees are not allowed to "sit" on various types of social networks, the leadership of the CIA, the FBI and the US National Security Agency, on the contrary, are encouraging the use of a special network created specifically for agents and analysts. This network, called A-Space, will be launched on September 22.

    The A-Space project is intended just for scouts, spies and analysts of state intelligence agencies. According to the representative of the CIA, Michael Wertheimer, the new social network will allow employees of intelligence departments and other "serious" government agencies to exchange information that previously they could only keep with themselves.

    Of course, A-Space will be a closed network. Access to it will only get trusted agents. The network itself, apparently, is already ready. Under development and in the process of testing is "a special mechanism that will respond to any deviations from the norm of use of the site." That's just ... we all know that sooner or later any protection can be hacked. And such a tidbit obviously will not go unnoticed.

    via CNN

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