How icons were created for Superhabr

    It so happened that we were instructed to draw icons for the new Habrahabr (then he was not yet Superhabr). At first, we were delighted, but then we were scared - all progressive habra people will strictly evaluate our work, among which there are many designers and people who understand design. But we gathered our strength and set to work. First we had to choose the style of the icons ...

    We started a brainstorm:
    - What is the most important thing in Habrahabr?
    - Karma?
    - Huyarma! Not at all! The most important thing in Habré is content !

    It was decided that the icons should not be bright, so as not to make Habralent too colorful and not distract from topics. This panel set the general style:

    Small icons have no shadows, but some of them have different states. Icons of topics that are larger, cast barely noticeable shadows.

    Habr’s developers liked the icons and we continued to work. Icons for blogs and companies were drawn.

    The Habraindicator icon deserves a separate story. This icon is one of the most important, it means the power of the haberman. In the previous version of Habr, a bullet was drawn on it. New Habr - a new weapon! We drew an air bomb, which is much more powerful than a bullet.

    This icon has aroused great interest among Habraludy. It seemed to one that it was a mortar mortar, to others - that it was an airship. There is no stable name yet, someone calls this thing “Habrabomb”, someone “Habrazhabl”, and someone just “Bomb”.

    Next, we drew the icons for the toolbar on the page for creating a new topic:

    If we enlarge the “insert picture” icon, we clearly see a polaroid image of an unidentified flying object, around which there are many legends around Habré.

    In the old Habré, the blog subscription metaphor was an electric cord with a plug. We took advantage of this idea, but made the icon more understandable and combined it with the “blog information” function.

    We really liked to work on this project, we hope that we were able to please even the most demanding and strict habra-people. We will be very happy with good ideas on how to make graphics on Habré even better.

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